It’s the state of-the-art technology that sets the offices of Dr. Van Pelt apart from all other local dental offices. From the moment Dr. Van Pelt sees a new patient the technological process begins with electronic records.

Placing a considerable amount trust in technology, Dr. Van Pelt believes the innovation of dental technology provides his patients with better quality care and yields a higher efficiency rate with each visit.

Caring for those who find dental care difficult, Dr Van Pelt offers oral sedation to make sure their client feel more comfortable during their treatment.

For the patient, this makes for proficient service and a prompt diagnosis made possible by top-notch technology leading the way.

Advanced technology doesn’t translate into expensive dental visits for the patient. In fact, the more technological the equipment, the more efficient the diagnosis and treatment will be for the patient.

And with a “No More Than 5 Minute Wait Policy”, double-booking patients is eliminated, and quality care can be focused on one patient at a time.

With a high quality standard of care and technological advances in dental equipment, Dr. Van Pelt as the edge in family dentistry.

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