Rotary File System and Thermofil

Root canal therapy has experienced great advances with Rotary Instrumentation and the new techniques now available for patients. Dr. Van Pelt has found this new method of endodontic therapy that utilizes an electronic headpiece instead of manual files to be very effective.

Because rotary endodontics uses an electric instrument, there is no associated drilling noise and the procedure can be finished much more quickly. Rotary Instrumentation makes for a more comfortable procedure on a dental problem that is typically associated with pain.

When Dr. Van Pelt incorporates Thermafil Obturators to the treatment of root canal therapy, he essentially provides his patients a better opportunity of healing from the procedure.

Although periapical healing starts after root canal cleaning, shaping and disinfection is done, it is an accepted scientific fact that good obturation is needed for root canals to stay healed over the years. With the use of Thermafil Obturators, root canal treatments have proven salability and dependable quality – two of the most important factors in assuring another root canal will not be needed on the same tooth.

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